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Jeramy Houston, FP-C 

Jeramy is a life-long Seaside resident with 20 plus years working in EMS. He started as a First Responder in high school volunteering for the local fire department. Jeramy began career in critical care medicine at Life Flight 14 Astoria in 2015 when the base opened. Prior to his career in air medicine, he spent more than 10 years working on a ground ambulance in a 911 system. Additionally, he is a Captain with Seaside Fire & Rescue in Seaside, OR and participates in their rope rescue team. He was the training officer for his ground ambulance service before joining Life Flight, is heavily involved in EMS training and policy development at Seaside Fire & Rescue and has taught at the county level. Jeramy is passionate about sharing what he has learned in his varied career with others and proud to be speaking at the Oregon EMS conference in his hometown. He lives in Seaside with his wife Ashley, children Ella and Archer, and his black lab Boomer. He tolerates the existence of his wife’s two cats, Jay Gatsby and Redford. He believes you can learn 90% of what you need to know about medicine by watching Scrubs.